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Certified Psychics – 60min Reading

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Trusted, Tested & Talented Psychics from all over the world.

What you get with every reading

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Personalised Birth Chart

A personalised Astrological Birth Chart based on your Date & Time of Birth and location
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12 month forecast

The important dates, times or periods as forecast by Paolo over the next 12 months

Video Reading

A video reading based on your Birth Chart that covering a 12 month forecast of important dates, times or periods

Accurate Astrology Readings

without needing the time of birth

Many Astrologers can not produce an accurate reading without the Time of Birth. This is a problem because many of us don't even KNOW our Time of Birth!

Our Lead Astrologer Paolo, travelled all the way to India to learn the long hidden secret of reading using Prasha astrology charts. By tapping into an astrologer's psychic talent, this method results in a highly accurate reading - particularly if the astrologer is as gifted in psychic ability as someone like Paolo.