You don’t need time of birth…

We explain how our lead astrologer is able to achieve highly accurate forecasts without needing the time of birth.

Most Astrologers can not produce an accurate forecast reading without the Time of Birth. In fact many will refuse to even start if they are not given the Time of Birth. This is a problem because many of us don’t even KNOW our exact Time of Birth!

Our Lead Astrologer Paolo, travelled all the way to India to learn an ancient way of reading natal charts using Prasha astrology techniques. He studied under a master astrologer & psychic guru who taught who’s methods tapped into an astrologer’s psychic ability to overcome the need for time of birth. This method results in a highly accurate reading – particularly if the astrologer is as gifted in psychic ability as someone like Paolo.

Love Astrology Forecasts

look at things like...
  • When love may come your way
  • When to make changes in your relationship
  • Family or loved one issues to look out for

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