Look what’s included…

A list of everything that’s included in your astrological forecast package.
Birth Chart
At birth, we were all born with a chart that defines who we are astrologically. A Birth Chart (or Natal Chart) shows us who we are at our core, it calculates the astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the magical moment of our Birth. Astrologers use Birth Charts to create forecasts for various aspects of our lives; Love, financial success, health, well being - all can be charted from the information found in your Birth Chart.

We recreate your Birth Chart in a beautiful presentation that you can download and keep.
Forecast Road Map

A 12 month look at the road ahead based on the type of forecast you chose.

The Forecast Road Map lists things like:

  • Important periods and what they may mean to you.
  • Warnings on when to be careful and what to watch out for.
  • Special Dates and how you should make the most of them.

Your Forecast Road Map is available for download or view online at any time.

Forecast Video
In this 60 minute custom video created specially for you, our astrologer will personally go through your 12 month forecast in detail, giving you an even deeper look at what’s in store. Go on a personal journey with them as they share psychic insights and expand on details found in your Forecast Road Map.
Your own personal Astrology Page
All the items above are presented to you on your personal astrology page. Return to play your video or read your forecast anytime you like.

Love Astrology Forecasts

look at things like...
  • When love may come your way
  • When to make changes in your relationship
  • Family or loved one issues to look out for

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